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Ultimate Guide To Men’s Grooming Products

Men’s personal care products are seeing rapid growth. The category is expected to reach $183.2 billion by 2027, with haircare being the top industry. It should come as no surprise to consumers that renowned male celebrities are investing in the space.

With the shifting debate about men’s beauty and the growth of social media, any vestige of forbidden nature will soon go. (And thank God for that!)

While men taking care of their appearances, particularly their hair, is nothing new, it may be useful to give some insight into how the numerous products on the market operate. It’s difficult to predict which products will produce stronger or lighter holds, which are ideal for a certain hair type and length, and how to apply them.

This article, with the assistance of some skilled stylists, should help clear up any uncertainty and make you into a hair product master.

List of The Best Men’s Grooming Products

Hair Gels

These are often water-based and ideal for people seeking a wet, sleek appearance. According to Celebrity Stylist and SoftSheen-Carson Brand Ambassador Derick Monroe, they are typically “used by guys desiring a wet appearance with a firmer hold, or a softer hold to provide more control.”

Some inexpensive supermarket gels tend to shatter and flake off in the hair, so go for the premium stuff. The majority of professional gels available in salons do not have this issue. The secret to selecting the proper one is this: the lighter the product, the finer the hair. “Gel is fantastic for curly hair, but it can also be used to keep looser textures in place,” Monroe explains.

Using a tight hold gel on thin hair will weigh it down, whereas using a light hold gel on thick, coarse hair will provide insufficient control. Because most gels retain a “memory” after dried, combing through the hair will give you a dry appearance while keeping the form. Wetting your hands and running them through your hair can “reactivate” a gel.


Hairspray is used as a finishing product to keep a style in place. Choose the lightest product for your hair type, just like you would with gel. A light spray can be used to give fine hair a sloppy texture without weighing it down too much. Many hairsprays also include sunscreen and will give shine to the hair.

“Hairsprays are often preferred and work well on thick, unruly hair that has to be managed,” explains Jorge Buccio, a celebrity groomer and senior colorist for Cleverman. He adds that a “low to medium hold hairspray on dry hair may make it appear ideal” for fine hair since it “controls flyaways and freeze, creating a very natural finish with low shine.”

Sea salt Sprays

Sea salt sprays add structure and grit to your hair, giving you a beachy look without ever stepping foot in sand. The spray, according to Buccio, “can make hair seem picture perfect without the need for any additional cosmetics.”

What hair types perform best with salt sprays? Buccio suggests using salt spray on “almost any type of hair.” It may be applied to wet or dry hair and “provides hair with a light control level and texture while being mobile.” He adds, “It has texture, roughness, and a matte finish.”

So, what characteristics should you search for in a sea salt spray? According to Buccio, “not all salt sprays are made equal; opt for salt sprays with minimal or no alcohol, as excessive alcohol levels can make your hair feel very dry and parched.”

Sugar Sprays

This spray can have comparable outcomes to salt sprays in terms of texture and grit, but sugar sprays can impart more shine and softness to hair than salt sprays. “Sugar sprays have less grip than salt sprays and perform excellent on most hair types,” explains Buccio.

He claims they “tend to have a less matte finish than salt sprays” and that “choosing a sugar spray over a salt spray has more to do with texture and feel preference.”

Hair Pomades

“Pomades are control products, but they won’t leave your hair rigid or sticky,” Monroe explains. These treatments, which can be water or wax-based, are intended to give gloss while keeping a malleable grip. A pomade will give you a wet, shiny look and is an excellent choice for a sleek, well-groomed look.

This product is particularly perfect for shorter, texturized styles that require shine, as well as long hair that requires shine and separation. Most pomades are too harsh for fine hair, making it seem greasy and limp.

To use a pomade properly, add a tiny quantity to the palm of your hand and rub it together until your hands are warm. Massage the product into slightly wet to dry hair. Consider rinsing this product out of your hair before going to bed, as extra product can block pores and hurt the scalp.

Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade is a product recommendation from Byrdie.

Hair Waxes

Waxes are comparable to pomades, but are generally more aggressive and petroleum based. This product is excellent for adding shine and control to short hairstyles such as flattops and buzzcuts. They are also useful for taming extremely thick hair.

“Waxes can be overly thick and tend to make hair seem flat,” Bucci adds of fine hair. “Waxes work best on dry hair, providing medium control and medium to high shine,” he says. They can help control frizz and flyaways in dry hair.

Muds, fibers, and clays

A mud (or fiber), like pomades and waxes, is used when utmost control is required. Many muds and fibers have a more matte texture, making them ideal for “bed head” styles. This product is excellent for adding texture to short, disheveled styles as well as separation to lengthy styles.

According to Buccio, certain types are lighter, while others are heavier or thicker. “The lighter provide less hold and control, while the thicker or heavier provide more hold and control, and they may be used on dry or wet hair, with dry hair providing definition and helping to decrease frizz and flyaways.” They are suitable for most hair types and textures, ranging from thick curly to straight and fine.


The viscosity of a styling cream is similar to that of a soft, opaque wax. “Creams are often used to provide softness, a healthy appearance to the hair, and definition to curls,” Monroe explains.

These lighter products are fantastic for managing flyaway hair and adding shine and control while leaving you seeming like you have nothing in your hair.

To avoid a greasy appearance, apply a very tiny quantity on fine hair. If you have curly hair, a cream is a terrific way to enhance shine while keeping the curl in place. “Pomades and creams complement my brush cut Caesar with waves well.”


Pastes are more potent variants of pomades. “They tend to lend definition to hair and often require breaking down with the heat of your fingers to make it malleable,” Monroe explains. “This will enhance grip, but the individual wearing a gel will still be more touchable.” The hold distinguishes each product. Stiffer hair requires less product than coarser hair.”

Styling Powder

Styling powders are excellent for adding volume and structure to your hair, and they are also simple to use. According to Buccio, styling powders are “ideal for medium to fine hair and are generally designed to be used on dry hair.”

However, it’s crucial to understand that styling powders come in a variety of varieties. “Some are stronger and provide more texture and grit,” explains Buccio. “And some are gentler and yet provide structure and grit while keeping hair movable.”


“Mousse defines waves and reduces freeze on curly wavy hair, and it may add volume and structure to medium to superfine hair,” explains Buccio. For what types of hair may mousse be used? “Mousse may be applied to wet or dry hair, however, it is most commonly used on wet hair.”

What are some of the numerous types of mousses available? According to Buccio, there are “some with great grasp and control and those with extremely mild and intermediate hold and control.” Some modern mousses have altered the application process; rather than pouring the foam into your palm, you may now spray it directly into your hair, making it simpler and less untidy.”

We hope this has removed some of the guesswork from choosing the best style product for your hair type. Of course, getting a beautiful haircut is the first step in maintaining a great-looking head of hair, but the correct product may take your look to the next level. Now that you’ve got the information, get out there and get your groom on.