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12 Hairstylist-Proven Tips To Soften Your Hair

You know how it is when you leave the hairdresser after a trim and style and you can’t stop stroking your hair? It’s silky, lustrous, and full of body, and you can’t stop yourself from pulling on it, no matter how much your stylist hates it.

What sort of voodoo do they use to make your hair feel like that, and why do your attempts to duplicate that experience at home constantly fail? How can clients with virtually any hair type attain silky, salon-quality hair?

The key to healthy, lustrous hair comprises several steps, and even if you’re not a professional, these expert recommendations will help you get a salon-perfect look at home every time.


Holly Dear is a Dallas-based hair artist, founder, and owner of House of Dear and House of Dear Salon.
George Kyriakos is a well-known hairdresser with over 20 years of expertise. He is also the inventor and founder of

Continue reading to find out how to acquire the smooth and lustrous strands of your dreams.

1. Keep a Healthy pH Balance

According to Dear, maintaining a proper pH balance in your hair is critical for achieving the greatest results.

“A good pH balance for hair is between 3.6 and 5.5. If your hair becomes more alkaline or you utilize treatments with alkali components, the hair follicles will expand and release required moisture “she claims

“This reduces moisture and luster, making the hair brittle and drab, hence pH-balanced hair treatments are essential.”

2. Make Use of the Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

The frequency with which you wash your hair—and with the correct products—is also important. “Don’t overwash your hair—try to spend two to three days without shampoo between washes,” Kyriakos advises.

“You may apply conditioners and rinse your hair every day, but over-shampooing might dry out your hair and scalp. Natural oils improve your hair’s luster and condition.”

If you haven’t used a clarifying shampoo in a while, it may be time to do so to free your hair of the product buildup and pollutants that it accumulates on a daily basis.

Because these shampoos are abrasive to the hair, restrict your use to once a week or when you truly need a deep clean.

3. Remove any excess moisture from your hair before blow-drying it.

After you’ve finished your skincare routine and stepped out of the shower, it’s time to focus on your hair. Kyriakos emphasizes the need to thoroughly towel-drying your hair to eliminate as much moisture as possible. We love microfiber towels because they prevent frizz when towel-drying.

4. Select a Good Hair Brush

Instead of tearing a brush through tangles and knots with wild abandon after a shower, follow your stylist’s lead and gently squeeze extra water from your hair. Then, while brushing, work your way from the ends of your strands to the roots.

A detangling brush or a wide-tooth comb is recommended. The gentler you are while combing and brushing your hair after showering, the less breakage and frizz you will cause and the smoother and softer your hair will feel.

Kyriakos advises a boar bristle brush with a metal barrel when hair is dry and ready to be styled. “For me, a good brush is a number. When heated, the barrel operates like a curling iron or flat iron, smoothing the hair as you blow it dry “he claims

“Massaging the scalp, stimulating blood flow, and unclogging the hair follicles using a boar bristle brush helps encourage healthy hair development,” Dear says.

5. Make use of hair serums

When it comes to smooth, shining hair, shampoo and conditioner are essential, but you need also pay special attention to the style products you use.

Of course, everyone’s hair is different, but three major products are a good place to start: hair oil, frizz-reducing/smoothing serum, and blow-dry spray. Use all of them or just one, depending on what your hair requires.

Hair oil softens, moisturizes, detangles, eliminates frizz and controls unmanageable hair. Apply it after towel drying and before using a comb or other products on your hair.

Apply hair oil mostly to the ends of your hair, with just a tiny quantity applied to the mid-shaft and toward the scalp. Keep the product away from your roots if your hair is prone to becoming oily or greasy.

Even if your hair isn’t particularly frizzy or unmanageable, a smoothing serum may make or break your blowout. Smoothing serum should be applied to newly combed, somewhat air-dried hair.

To do so, massage the product between your palms and work your fingertips through your hair. Comb through to ensure that the product is spread evenly. ​

After applying serum, spritz your hair with a few sprays of blow-dry spray to enhance hydration and shine. Concentrate the substance at your ends and comb through to spread it evenly.

6. Use Products That Are Appropriate for Your Hair Texture

Dear strongly advises utilizing appropriate products for your hair texture and directs consumers to a quiz on that will help you determine which products are ideal for your individual hair structure and desired outcomes.

“Moisture is the key to healthy-looking curls for curly or textured hair,” adds Kyriakos, who suggests Eva NYC Curl Cream, which contains aloe leaf and cactus flower to help hydrate hair.

7. Purchase High-Quality Styling Tools

A beautiful salon-perfect blowout is primarily the consequence of quality products, and the appropriate tools are an important component of that. Whether you want your hair curly or straight, invest in a professional-grade hair drier (with a diffuser attachment for curls) for heat styling.

8. Think about Supplements

Kyriakos suggests the supplement Nutrafol in addition to introducing a good quantity of vitamin C into your diet, which promotes the general health of your hair and skin. “It strengthens and thickens your hair from the inside out,” he adds of the vitamin, which promotes stronger, thicker hair and decreases thinning.

9. Avoid over-processing your hair.

If you color or highlight your hair, do not process it, according to Kyriakos. “Talk to your colorist about cutting back on your appointments,” he suggests.

10. Use Heat Protective Products

If you believe that heating your flat iron to the highest setting would straighten your hair, think again. Use medium heat settings on your hot tools and curling irons, and always use a heat protectant product prior to style.

“Before blowing out damp hair, use a hair primer or heat protection. Kérastase products are my favorites. They are a little pricey, but because the substance is so concentrated, you may use less of it “Kyriakos comments

11. Blow-dry Your Hair in the Correct Direction

Make the error of blow-drying your hair to “dry it even more” before style. This not only adds more heat, but it’s also not the ideal approach to creating that silky smooth finish.

“When blow-drying your hair, try to tilt the blow dryer downward,” Kyriakos advises. “You want the hot air to smooth the hair shaft, thus you want the air to go down.”

12. Finish the Look

Once you’re satisfied with your blow-out, add shine to your hair with an oil or serum. “Fekkai Shea Butter Intense Oil is one of my favorite items to use. After blow-drying my hair, I like to take a few drops in my palms and rub them over the top layer of hair “Kyriakos adds